The moment our office receives notice of loss, our process begins. Initial contact is attempted within 1 hour, and the claim is assigned to a qualified adjuster who schedules the inspection that same day. Our adjusters are trained to think and adjust like staff adjusters, identifying the cause of loss and gathering all facts associated with the claim. Daily claims require a specialized adjuster, not just a damage identifier, and this is where we make the difference. Through the use of our proprietary claims management system and downloadable APP, the insured can follow the claim process start to finish, getting instant updates on the claim status. Through our APP, the insured can also receive a photograph and contact information for the adjuster, giving them peace of mind on who they are letting in their home. Once the field inspection occurs, the adjuster — per carrier guidelines — will settle the claim onsite with the insured or submit the report/estimate back to the carrier for approval. If needed, we have the ability to connect live with the desk adjuster from the property via video stream so the desk adjuster can get instant feedback on the loss severity and immediate needs of the insured.

Desk Adjusting/Inside
Claim Operations

The use of technology has allowed us to increase desk adjusted claims by more than 200% in the last 2 years. This allows for the insured to experience a better claim process while reducing cost and cycle times for the claim. The vast majority of our desk adjusters have prior field experience, which provides high levels of quality control in review and processing of the claims. The desk adjusters also serve a dual role in processing and handling of content losses.

Full TPA/MCM Operations

We start this portion of our service from scratch with each new client. Integration, policy, standards, and process are all established before with integration into our model. Whether your need is full white-label service or outsourced for claims overflow, we can meet the need. Integration and training on most major claims management systems, including Guidewire, make our TPA integration a seamless process. We are skilled in handling losses from first notice of loss to payment with the service customized to meet your need.

Flood Adjusting

We maintain highly trained adjusters to service NFIP or carrier-insured flood losses. Whether it be a WYO, flood servicing vendor, or self-insured, we can handle your flood adjusting needs. In past years, litigation under the NFIP program has shown a great need for skilled adjusters. We handpick only the highest trained and most skilled adjusters to serve on our flood teams. We do not, under any circumstance, accept inexperienced adjusters to serve on this team.

Catastrophe Response

The 2017 hurricane season provided a great example of why it’s important to have an independent adjusting firm you can count on. CCA met the demand in a time of record-breaking volume of every client we service, maintaining high service levels on both cycle time and product quality. If a CAT strikes the United States, we have you covered.

Managed Repair Program/ Contractor Network

Our contractor network of more than 3,500 pre-screened, licensed, insured, and qualified contractors can service all necessary repairs. Our model of use with managed or direct repair is every single loss is adjusted/estimated by a licensed adjuster. The contractors in our network agree to work for the estimating software pricing. In many cases, we can customize this product to offer the carrier a near-zero vendor cost in claims handling expense. This service offers a vast cost savings to the carrier while offering a much-improved customer experience for your insured. Insured reviews and retention rates are near record levels when using this service. For more details, contact our offices on how we can serve you.