Why do you need a Resolution Team?

-Supplements on wind and hail losses have increased over 800% in the last decade with the issue only growing.

-Loss of productivity from skilled desk adjusters spending hours each day negotiating supplements is driving staffing and morale issues at many Carriers.

-Our average ROI from cost of our services to negotiated settlements is 636%.

-We will review all RD and supplement request, if we feel the estimate is fair and recommend payment as is, no fee is charged to the Carrier. If we have to negotiate agreement cost is billed hourly. Average billing for 2023 is 1.8 hours per loss.

Why Choose Cross Country Adjusting Resolution Team?

• Unmatched Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in estimatics and policy. They possess a deep understanding of policy language, industry regulations, and the intricacies of claim negotiations. With their expertise, they can identify incorrect estimating procedures and contractor estimate overages.

• Comprehensive Claim Review: We conduct a meticulous review of each claim, examining all relevant documentation, policy provisions, and loss details to determine what is a valid supplement or a contractor effort to inflate a claim.

• Negotiation and Advocacy: Armed with in-depth knowledge and excellent negotiation skills, our team acts as a strong advocate for insuring the correct estimate amount is paid. Our goal is to insure we pay every valid dollar owed on a claim and not pay cost not warranted. We engage with adjusters, contractors, and other relevant parties to negotiate agreed cost on supplemental request. We currently average over 85% agreed cost with a average reduction of 54% of the original supplement request.

• Efficient Process: We understand the importance of speed and efficiency in the claims handling process. Our streamlined workflows and optimized procedures ensure a swift turnaround time, allowing your policyholders to receive their rightful compensation without unnecessary delays. By leveraging technology and automation, we enhance accuracy and productivity, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Supplement claim handling delays are an industry driver of lower NPS.

• Transparency and Communication: We prioritize transparency and maintain open lines of communication with both the carrier and policyholders throughout the supplement process. Our team provides regular updates on the status of each claim, ensuring that you are informed and involved in the process. We believe in building strong partnerships based on trust and collaboration.

• Cost Recovery and Profitability: The success of our team directly impacts your bottom line. By capturing correct data and reaching a fair agreed cost in line with carrier estimating guidelines we can insure a better claim experience for the insured.